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Scandinavian duo that unites the rhythms of all cultures to create the world music of the future, true sonic travelers and ambassadors of global sound.

Anyone wondering to experience how intercultural understanding really works, only needs to visit a show of Scandinavian duo Mambe & Danochilango: Three minutes in, they´ll have everybody dancing no matter which part of the world their playing in.

Their massive sound and their lyrical messages are so universal and world embracing that one genre could never be enough to properly describe their music, so they created their own and called it “Ethnic Bass“. Not only does this sound good, but also nails it pretty well. Their music combines Ethno, Folk, Tribal and traditional elements with exciting urban Hip-Hop and Electro sounds thus always having a keen eye on the future.

There are encounters that seem to be predetermined all the way; The Copenhagen based duo consisting of Colombian Claudia Rodriguez aka Mambe and Mexican Fernando Mora aka Danochilango clearly is such a case.
She is a sophisticated and articulate lyrical activist with a powerful melodic voice who sings in Swedish, Danish, Spanish and English tearing down cultural boundaries.
He is a former dancer of The Royal Danish Ballet with a longstanding experience as DJ and producer with a great sense of harmonic balance between acoustic instrumentation and futuristic electronic sounds.

Both sharp minded and critical thinkers, they walk through life with eyes wide open, absorbing every experience and sounds to create their music, hence their mutual understanding of rhythm, movement, melody and the genuine expression behind a song lyric.

Mambe has convincing qualities as an emotional performer with a very charming character who manages to get her song’s messages across everyone in the audience, and Danochilango’s mandatory sounds deliver strong dynamics of intricate rhythms that blow the roof of every club and stage without asking politely beforehand, generating the ingredients to form the quality of Mambe & Danochilango which makes them utterly boundless.

With their nominations by Danish Music Awards World as “Best Live Act’ in 2016 and “Best World Track” with Cumbia Universal in 2017 it’s clear that this duo’s live shows keep captivating their growing audiences throughout Scandinavia and the rest ofEurope but also on their recent tour through Mexico, where they wowed crowds every evening.

Their debut album “Kosmopolítes” released in June 2019, offers a wide array of emotions and danceable soundscapes inviting the whole world to join in their sonic universe.

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